About SIRD
PDB (Protein Data Bank) is the richest information source of structures and interactions of biological molecule. However, this valuable information is not easy-to-access as it is. SIRD (Structure Interaction Relational Database) was developed to enable a full-automatic process of PDB into comprehensive 2ry databases, which we believe required to manage the rapidly increasing 1ry database.

SIRD has been developed under collaboration of the following researchers. Dr. K. Mayanagi (Kyusyu Univ.), Dr. T. Oyama (Osaka Univ.), Dr. Y. Ishino (Kyusyu Univ.), Dr. M. Saito (Nagahama Inst. BioSci. Tech.), and Dr. T. Shirai (Nagahama Inst. BioSci. Tech). The SIRD project was supported by JST-BIRD.

Under preparation. Comming soon (or later).